Travel Solo (Or Don’t!)

In early April, I was traveling for work in a magical, dazzling small town called New York City. I found myself sitting at the bar with a slice of pizza and a drink called the Cucumber Smash (yes – Smash, for those of you who know) for a late dinner after the conference. I was... Continue Reading →

Travel Guide: Italy

I chose Italy as a solo trip for the following reasons: Food, duh. Safe for female travelers Direct flight from Chicago to Rome I used Noken, an app-based travel guide that curates your perfect trip based on preferences like budget, number and age of travelers, and pace. They provide a suggested itinerary and help you... Continue Reading →

Me To Me: Love Yourself First

Love yourself first Love yourself first Love yourself first “In order to be loved in return, Ashley, you must love yourself first” Despite my mother drilling these words into my head from as young as I can remember, this has been a concept I have always struggled with. Forever, I found myself valuing myself on... Continue Reading →


Hello, everyone! When the clock strikes midnight, I turn into a…pumpkin. Jk. I just turn into a late 20-something year old. When I started this blog, I was 24 and still spending Sunday mornings feeling like death at Chicago Bagel Authority and trying get bros at Benchmark to buy me gin and tonics. Now, just... Continue Reading →

The Most Important Year Of Your Life

It’s really, truly unbelievable what can happen over the course of one, measly year. As we get older, each year feels faster and shorter, but for me at least, each year feels more important than the last. One theory that explains this mysterious shortening of the years is that as time goes on, your mind... Continue Reading →

How I Met My Friends pt. 2

A couple weeks ago I shared with you my secrets on how to maintain long-distance friendships. And while long-distances friendships have proven to be a strength of mine, making friends as an adult in a new city was not always super successful. When I moved to Chicago, starry-eyed and all, I had a very different... Continue Reading →

How I Met My Friends

Remember the series finale of How I Met Your Mother? The one that basically everyone hated except for a small subset of viewers who are clearly more emotionally evolved than the rest? People got so hung up on who the mother was, and missed the real point of the show. Let’s just say the show... Continue Reading →

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